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Content Management

In recent years, many businesses and government agencies have found out the hard way that having a lot of data is not the same thing as having the answers you need. Any organization’s ability to achieve its goals depends on its ability to collect, manage and deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. That is the central goal of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).
Today, organizations must contend with ever-increasing volumes and varieties of information in order to manage critical business applications and functions. This information comes in many forms.

“Content management,” according to Anthony Deakins of E-Doc magazine, “…manages an inventory of `elements’ some of which, on occasion, are documents while others are multimedia `snippets’ such as video, graphics, and audio.” Others include printstreams, text output, databases, and electronic messaging.

As enterprise data continues to grow exponentially, organizations are facing a content crisis because old, piecemeal approaches to data management are rendering much of this business-critical content inaccessible… and therefore worthless. Doculabs recently noted that business information is only useful if it is quickly, easily accessible to a wide range of users with varying levels of access permissions – regardless of where it is stored.

Excerpted from "Perspectives On The Content Crisis Enterprise Content Management for Various Applications & Industries" Special Report Published by Legato Systems, Inc.

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