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HTML ImageMapper 8.4

HTML Image Mapper is one of the most intelligent and cost efficient solution for publishing interactive GIS maps online.


The web publishing extension for ArcGIS 9 contains a number of significant improvements in terms of quality and functionality, reflecting our customer´s feedback.

New language-versions of ImageMapper, Theme-browser and funciton "zoom to objects"

Extensions available:

There are two versions of HTML ImageMapper:

- HTML ImageMapper 3.5 for ArcView GIS 3.1 or higher
- HTML ImageMapper 9.1 for ArcGIS 9 (ArcView9.0, ArcEditor 9.0, ArcInfo 9.0)

Both versions have nearly the same features but are based on different technologies, just as the ESRI-products ArcGIS and ArcView 3.x. If you're using ArcView 3.x, then HTML ImageMapper 3.5 is the matching software, if you're using ArcGIS 9, then HTML ImageMapper 9.1 is the right version. If you've been using HTML ImageMapper 3 you can also migrate your license to HTML ImageMapper 9.1.

System Requirements:

GIS workstation: 1 MB of disk space
Webserver: 1-10 MB web space, no additional software
Client: any Webbrowser 3.0 or higher, JavaScript (no plug-ins, no Java)

Keep It Simple!

Publish your interactive maps online or on CD within 5 minutes and without any programming.

Tired of configuring your map server software? HTML ImageMapper is based on pure <imagemap> technology: no software to be installed on the server - no browser plugins required at the client.

HTML ImageMapper creates extremely fast web mapping applications because everything is prepocessed!

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Software from Alta4
  ArcGIS 9 Extensions
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