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DiagramWizard 3.0

is an GIS extension for ArcView GIS version 3.1 or higher. DiagramWizard improves the ability of ArcView to create charts and thematic maps for many different purposes. For the first time you can create simple and complex pie charts, Import- / Export Diagrams, Line Charts or Histograms in ArcView. In addition to this ArcView offers you a new Labeling Tool that you can use to highlight automatic labels created by the ArcView labelling function.
One major advantage of the DiagramWizard in comparison to the ArcView standard tools is, that the diagrams are saved in shape files. As they are saved in this format they can be imported and displayed in other GIS applications like ArcIMS or MapInfo.

New: Version 3.0 now available!

A selection of the new features:

  • Move your chart at any place within your view
  • Extract the DW-legend out of your view and add it to your layout as graphic
  • Iinteractive selection of the size for the largest chart
  • Labeling of each sector or bar
  • Create as many sectors/bars as you like
  • Many other improvements
Software from Alta4
  ArcGIS 9 Extensions
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