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The following map pages are currently available for Barbados

Bridgetown Ikonos Satellite 1m pixel image of the capital city
Parishes and Roads Vector map of the entire island, identifying its parishes and main roads
South Coast Ikonos Satellite 1m pixel image of the southern portion of the island (St. Michael)
West Coast Ikonos Satellite 1m pixel image of the western (Caribbean Coast/St. James/St. Peter) portion of the island


We invite visitors interested in having their own maps featured in our Map Gallery page, to e-mail their data (in electronic format, please) to us at the address below. 

We will utilize this data to create an HTML ImageMapper page for publication in our Map Gallery, after discussion and approval by the data provider.  Proper credits will be given to the data provider.

As a token of our appreciation, we will give the HTML ImageMapper page to the data provider, including the complete HTML code, which will enable independent publication  of these map(s).


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